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Triple Point has been investing in early stage businesses for over 15 years. Our typical investment ranges from £300,000 at seed stage to £1.5m at Series A. Overall, we have over £2bn assets under management.



If you are looking for financial backing and your business is revenue generating, we would love to hear from you. With a venture network including growth consultants, large corporates, angel investors and over 5,000 innovative companies, we are well positioned to help you maximise your impact.

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Assets under management

Over £600m

Invested into young UK businesses

Over £250m

Successful VCT and EIS exits

4 Companies

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"We love the guys at Triple Point. We've been working with them since 2012, and at every step along the way, we've found them to be founder-friendly, commercial and super supportive. They have a great team, and we really enjoy working with them."


Christian Faes

CEO and Co-Founder, LendInvest




LendInvest is one of the UK’s leading FinTech firms, offering bridging finance solutions for borrowers and development finance for property developers, while maintaining the most diverse capital base of any mortgage lender in the UK market.

Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap is a fast growing alternative lender to SMEs, who has funded over £500m to over 50,000 businesses in the past 6 years.


Adepto has developed the first total talent HR management system, giving senior leaders and HR departments a real-time view of all the skills available in their organisation.


Flatfair offers renters an innovative, deposit-free alternative when moving home, while at the same time giving landlords double the protection of a traditional flat deposit.

Quit Genius

Quit Genius combines a digital app, on-demand behavioural therapy and traditional medication to help smokers and vapers quit for good at a rate higher than traditional quitting methods.


Aventus is an operating system that enables insurance providers to create a seamless customer experience for any insurance line, through any channel, at start up speed.


VYNE leverages Open Banking and Faster Payments to move money between a consumer and a business in a quick and cost effective manner without the use of a debit or credit card.


Adfenix is an automated social media advertising platform that enables estate agencies to provide personalised digital journeys for customers.

Credit Kudos

Credit Kudos is a Credit Reference Agency that harnesses rich financial data through Open Banking to make faster and better decisions.

We Are Digital

We Are Digital is a fast-growing digital skills and financial inclusion training provider, who is working to reduce the number of people adversely affected by the “digital divide”.

MWS Technology

MWS Technology is a high quality training delivery platform which gives large business apprenticeship providers control over the management and monitoring of their apprenticeship schemes.

Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics uses machine learning to detect melanoma and other serious skin conditions with reduced human input, saving healthcare systems time and money.


GripAble is improving the stroke rehabilitation process for patients, by gamifying the physiotherapy process to assist with patient compliance and quicker recovery.


CountingUp is the UK’s no. 1 small business banking and accounting application, combining banking and accounting services for time-starved SME owners.

Contis Group

Contis is a UK provider of end-to-end banking and payments solutions for businesses. Contis was featured in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 2018.


Paymentsense is Europe’s largest Merchant Services provider, providing PDQ terminals and payment software to companies across the UK and Ireland and processing over 250m transactions annually.


WeFlex is a cutting edge provider of PCO car hire and leasing services to Uber partners and drivers across the UK.


NatureMetrics uses cutting edge DNA analysis to monitor biodiversity in contexts ranging from conservation to environmental impact assessment.


Thrift+ provides a unique clothing resale-as-a-service platform, which enables consumers and corporates to sell second-hand or previous season clothing while also donating money to charity.


Livia’s manufactures vegan, gluten free snack food that is quintessentially British. Livia’s products include Livia’s Million Squares and Nugglets, and are sold in over 4000 stores across the UK.

Dr Focused

Drfocused’s SaaS product allows healthcare and other employers to hire, validate and monitor the safety of their staff quickly and at a low cost.


Ably runs a cloud-based network that makes it possible for companies to stream their data to any device at any time in realtime via realtime APIs.

Cyan Forensics

Cyan Forensics delivers tools that place the investigative capability of cutting-edge digital forensic science into the hands of frontline policing.


HeyDoc is a modern electronic medical health record system, built to enable medical clinicians to manage appointments, medical records and admin tasks.


Learnerbly empowers employees to take control of their own learning and development, providing employers with a platform of curated learning tools and resources for their teams.


Kafoodle provides data to food businesses including restaurants, schools, food delivery companies, hospitals and care homes. The data services they provide enable their customers to manage their risks and achieve their financial targets.


Simple biometric on device encryption for files and emails.


BKwai’s software platform monitors buildings and construction assets via sensors, satellites and data science.


Veremark is an automated, global background checking platform that will transform the way your business onboards candidates.


Foodlum works with restaurants across the UK to provide them with diverse meal choices for local delivery, improving customer choice and restaurant revenue.

Artificial Artists

Artificial Artists’ product 3DCTRL empowers in-house creative teams to create 3D animation online through the cloud, avoiding resource-intensive studios when rapid production of marketing assets is required.

Edge of Ember

Edge of Ember is an ethical jewellery brand providing customers with timeless luxury jewellery sourced and made sustainably.


Kamma uses geospatial technology to build data and SaaS products for the property and financial sectors.


Online Insurer for independent shops and restaurants.


eXate’s DataSecOps solution simplifies the way organisations access and share data by automating the technical enforcement of data policies and regulations.


Ian McLennan

Seb Wallace

Julian Pickstone

Daniel Cardenas-Clark

Christopher Lascelles


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To find out about how we process your data, please read our privacy policy.